Comprehensive interpretation of ranking and down this is why

!There is a dead link or black chain

1 update sometimes more, sometimes less

2 the number of the chain quality is not a stable

many webmaster in site is updated because no concept of time or no specific daily work arrangement, resulting in website content update time every day is not the same, do not underestimate this point, this is a problem can lead to the above mentioned ranking and down. For a spider crawling are updated every day to love a regular website. In addition to update content as today, tomorrow is less, updated every day a number is too large may also lead to ranking up and down. So how are we going to solve this problem, is very simple, as long as we arrange a good time every day, what time to update the content, every day update how many content on it. read more

What is the website optimization ideas and processes of writing

fourth, do not let any one fleeting inspiration. We know that Emmanuel Zhaxian this idiom refers to some good ideas, most of the time will be fleeting, the writing method, if our morning ideas clear, have their own ideas and thoughts about a topic, this time may wish to immediately carry out combat, soft Wen wrote.


second, continuous learning and tentative writing. As a webmaster to learn is to insist on things, material comes from the usual accumulation, we can optimize the website, daily attention webmaster network information aspects of information, attention Shanghai dragon why original area, focus on the tui18 forums on the Internet promotion skills, reading is only one method. However, we need to form their own ideas on some related topics, tentative writing, such as many owners have their own independent blog, skills and experience about the optimization operation and maintenance of the share in his blog is a way of sorting, only oneself constantly insist on writing to make ideas more coherent clearly, if you want to write a professional promotion articles, we can through the accumulation of couples and ultimately come before. So, as a webmaster to try is very important, see more and more practice, summary. You can create their own writing routines. read more

Listing soared about 20000000, or the new three plate and shell resources peak priceHow to make your

however, it is undeniable that the new three plate and shell resources are still in the market. Relaxation told reporters that the shell has many uses, such as some innovative enterprises, non-standard, or just hope that some of the shares listed, can be through backdoor.

twenty-first Century Business Herald reporter learned that the new three board market shell resources at least 20 million onwards. Some only a net shell fee of more than 20 million, plus 2 million of the financial advisory fees and brokerage fees, catching up with 30 million shell resources. However, shell prices have declined since the beginning of the year. read more

Love Shanghai Webmaster Platform index tool to upgrade, make a point into a bright spot so simple!

love Shanghai search will return the most appropriate results according to the user’s terminal, PC search results show the priority PC terminal, mobile search on the mobile terminal will give priority to show results, suggestions if you need to check a webmaster domain name is an index of the amount of URL in the sea level, please search in the corresponding domain name, the effect of the most accurate data.

recently, love Shanghai Webmaster Platform index tools upgrade, upgrade after the 90% of the owners in the use of the index data query tool will be more accurate at the same time, the syntax of the site data will Webmaster Platform index and the amount of data to achieve consistent. read more

Internet Business Essentials three special temperament vitality, spirit, andshlf1314 ad October bala

The so-called : open wide bosom, Friendliness is conducive to business success.The so-called

thank you for your letter.


shlf1314 AdSense from

, you can visit our help center shlf1314/adsense_help or Adsense blog http://adsense.shlf1314chinablog utm_source=txft for more information. In addition, you can also go to the support forum http://groups.shlf1314/group/adsense-help utm_source=txft post to ask for help.

what you see is a display error in our payment history page. Please rest assured that your income has been properly calculated. You may need to wait a few days before you can see updates in your account. read more

Forum community promotion road how to promote the forum community

almost every day on the Internet there are various types of forums, "fresh baked", the same every day there are various types of forums closed. Because forum type website builds simple, cost is low, the function is rich, so this type of website also occupies the vast majority of proportion in the Internet website. Then, how should the forum community website be promoted?

first set up a forum just on the line, to a study of the forum area, a series of key words to determine the site, then the key arrangement, screening, and title and description on the site of a reasonable and effective arrangement, if you don’t have too much money to do the promotion, not too much the resources of original content, so when choosing keywords don’t choose too popular, related products can be provided by Baidu, Google and other search engine keyword analysis. As for these tools, I’ve been in great detail for some time ago. read more

Do not go in the end in the world easecredit need to re-examine their own

everything from reality, theory with practice, practice is the only way to test the truth, etc., famous saying, I think everyone is not strange. The intention behind these words is obviously to hope that we can integrate more practical thinking into the analysis of the problem.

this is the truth, and it can be found in a variety of product examples around us. Yi Xin, a product that has attracted enough attention, is now disappearing into the busy Internet technology. Although the NetEase still insist that easecredit is a successful product, and to seek development opportunities in the difference with WeChat’s competition, but from the side of the data currently available, easy to believe the existence value of more things worth pondering. read more

The official website was shot dead on the beach, the rapid solution on the beach

many webmaster should have met, the official website was "cottage" things, the official website in the search engine can not get good rankings, ranking has been replaced by a fake website. Other people Shanzhai your website mainly for the following reasons. There are benefits can be seen, because some time ago encountered such a thing, the site does not say, on the CCTV two reports. Copycat your website is mainly because your network SEO technology without each other, the reverse link not fake, fake may direct the use of Baidu bug directly use the old domain copycat sites, this is not a breakthrough. In addition, your site is a profitable model, through the official website to induce users, cheat users, damage the interests of the brand. Direct and indirect losses to the company. Faced with such a thing, many are not technical problems can be solved quickly. SEO relies on long-term accumulation, and next I’ll tell you how to speed down Shanzhai sites from Baidu, read more

Zhang Yiming did not edit the team’s headlines today, how to put Flipboard behind

no editorial team, based entirely on the machine to decide different content for different people, so we will see themselves as distribution channels of information, the most important thing we do is to put the user interested content recommended to him.

editor’s note: the United States 22, geeks park will be invited to hold a Facebook in the scale of 300 Sino US science and Technology Forum, and the similarities and differences, Facebook executives together to study on Sino US market and Silicon Valley cutting-edge technology especially the rapid rise of the Chinese of several enterprises, of the American entrepreneurs should have what inspiration. This article for today’s headlines founder Zhang Yiming live share. read more

Xining set up a group of independent cultural propaganda and Art Troupe

To actively build a clean government culture "six plus four" Xining mode, focus on improving the leading cadres ability to resist corruption, strengthen anti-corruption consciousness of the masses, recently, the Xining Municipal Commission for discipline inspection decision in the municipal Party and city cultural radio and Television Bureau set up the Municipal Corruption "team" and "art group", the county with the actual building area the "two regiment". read more

Radio and television advertising management measures to bring the gospel to the webmaster

friends, in the second half of 2009 will be the spring of online advertising, ha ha, you seize the time to prepare for


recently saw a news that SARFT issued "management measures" radio and television advertisements broadcast, is for television advertising, in addition to their cheerful, more feel advertising advertising seems to go to the owners of the pocket.

actually I hate most is advertising, when watching television when the climax, suddenly will be damned advertising to interrupt, hey, and I love Hunan TV advertising, when coming, I had to go through a long and long wait, the heart that call a read more

Talk about the relationship between flow and money

traffic and the relationship between the money for the webmaster, this is a valuable reference to an article, from which, perhaps you can think of a lot of things!

the following data is purely personal investigation and observation, the size of the data is very different from the normal, I list the data for general statistics. Look at the operation and operation of personal ability.

web site every day to visit the amount of money to do every month to make money online

1 1000IP 200-300 yuan

(1000IP per day, for a site, a little content of the site, not 20 days is very easy to be able to do the.TOM alliance can have a =2 block of 400 points, the 3721 ad alliance can have a =4 block of 100 points, the 3721 assistant alliance =2 block read more

The Six Meridian Swords website to make money

Dali Six Meridian Swords, with the internal force as the foundation, practice to height can hurt, in the invisible. Six network promotion sword as Mr Xi, but also can be popularized in the invisible website, just use a can greatly enhance the visibility of the site, bring huge traffic. But also need your own website content can have real value. Otherwise easy obsessions, those so-called hackers like slightly cracking off. Shen, Shen! Now sister retreat for 3 years of painstaking research, finally, the Six Meridian Swords again revised, reduced to seven pulse excalibur. read more